Cucina Bianchi - A Personal Chef Service

Chef Joseph Bianchi
is a member of
American Personal Chef Association.

Personal Chef
International Code of Ethics

Culinary Institute of America

ServSafe Certified


Menu A

Choice of :
~ Salad
~ Chicken Entree'
~ Pasta Or Rice Dish
~ Vegetable Dish
~ Potato Dish
~ Dessert cake

    30pp minimum 16.95 per person
    50pp minimum 15.95 per person
    100pp or more 14.95 per person
Menu B

Choice of :
~ Salad
~ Meat entree' or Fish Entree'
~ Pasta or Rice dish
~ Vegetable dish
~ Potato dish
~ Dessert cake
    30pp minimum 19.95 per person
    50pp minimum 18.95 per person
    100pp or more 17.95 per person
Both Meat and Fish add 2.95 per person

- Price is all inclusive.
- Menus come with bread, utensils, plates, sterno and wire racks which
will be picked up the following day.
- Any kind of rentals are extra.
- Chef / Server $140 flat rate per party approx 4 hrs
- Bartenders $165.00 per party